Stendhal Syndrome - SOB Exhibition Concept from Aragon on Vimeo.

Italian artist Stefano Ogliari Badessi is creating his new installation art for the opening of LEO Gallery, Hong Kong. Aragon wants to show audiences about his inspiration and unique thoughts and how he introduces the city Hong Kong into his art.

This video will be put on a screen in LEO Gallery in Hong Kong during the whole exhibition, and it’s one of the processes within the long documentary which Aragon is filming together with Stefano.

  • ComtecMed-CODHy China
    ComtecMed-CODHy China
  • Inside the CEIBS MBA
    Inside the CEIBS MBA
  • Village is Art
    Village is Art
  • Kaleido Sail
    Kaleido Sail
  • OSM – Never Give Up On A Dream
    OSM – Never Give Up On A Dream
  • Excellence
  • Art Installation – IMPRO
    Art Installation – IMPRO
  • Vanvory Gallery Opening Exhibition
    Vanvory Gallery Opening Exhibition
  • Village is Art
    Village is Art
  • The Making of A Museum
    The Making of A Museum
  • Spaces in Between
    Spaces in Between

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