Spaces in Between from ARMA Media on Vimeo.

What will urban centers in China look like in face of the greatest migration in human history? Can cities like Beijing, Shangahi, Guangzhou and Chongqing develop necessary infrastructure yet retain a human scale? The ‘Spaces in Between’ is a documentary on public spaces in China produced for Gensler (Shanghai tower) in 2014-2015. The film includes interviews with leading developers in China including SOHO and Shimao Property. (Shanghai, 2014)

  • Coco Wen – Belly Dance China
    Coco Wen – Belly Dance China
  • OSM – Never Give Up On A Dream
    OSM – Never Give Up On A Dream
  • ComtecMed-CODHy China
    ComtecMed-CODHy China
  • Stendhal Syndrome
    Stendhal Syndrome

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