• Short Documentary - Color - 16:9 - 2018
  • Short Documentary - Color - 16:9 - 2018
  • Short Documentary - Color - 16:9 - 2018
  • Short Documentary - Color - 16:9 - 2018
  • Short Documentary - Color - 16:9 - 2018
  • Short Documentary - Color - 16:9 - 2018

Director / DP / Editing / Color grading: Aragon Yao

With: Szmereka György / Balog Bálint / Szarka József / Szarka Sándor
Poster Design: Aragon Yao
Hotel Fremon focuses on a group of mid-aged workers from Ukraine, telling a story about their struggles and life in a shared small dormitory in a one-star hotel every day after working in the biggest central European factory plant in Karzincbarcika, a small industrial town in northern Hungary.
Hotel Fremon was built in 1956 with the original intention to be the dormitory of the local factory which is next to it but now has being under demolishing for a few years. As the new Sino-Hungarian corporation BosodChem built the largest factory plant in central Europe, it creates many job positions for both locals and outside of Kazincbarcika. Many Hungarian people took the opportunities to work in the factory away from their home and without accommodation provided by the factory, their best choice is to stay in the one-star Hotel Fremon opposite to the BosodChem factory plant.
What is the feeling of being nowhere without a root? Four Ukrainian men have been floating around like leaves in their late ages. Working in the biggest factory plant of central Europe, in a small northern Hungarian town, it’s never home.
However, life has left them no choices but to work like crazy in order to support their families. Sharing a small room in the one-star Hotel Fremon, they go to work and come back together every day. Drinking and watching TV have becoming the only hobbies they do after finishing a long day. With different workers coming from all over central Europe, the one-star becomes their small shelter gradually. When will they eventually finish the project? Where is their next destination?
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