CUE FILMS was founded by Aragon Yao in 2016. It is a collection of Aragon’s visual projects, from his early commercial works to his recent video arts and documentary films. CUE Films aims to bring fresh audio-visual approaches and styles to story-telling in both commercial campaigns and indie films and arts.

Director, cinematographer 姚子龙/Aragon Yao (currently based in Barcelona, Spain) was born in a small town in central China in Nov. 1991. After graduated from Shanghai Film Academy in 2012, he started his career in broadcasting and advertising as an art director, creative director and cinematographer.

In 2016 Aragon left China for the Erasmus Mundus joint master program Doc Nomads. Since then, he’s been traveling around Europe and devoted himself to documentary film making with many selections of his films in worldwide film festivals.


‘Aragon creates crisp imagery infused with imagination. And he’s a pretty rad dancer.’ —Said by Katy Roseland from BASEMENT 6

‘I’ve only seen Aragon passionate about two things. Photography and food. His photography and his taste in food have a lot of similarities as well. Both are rich, crisp, hot and spicy.’ —Said by a good friend, Asim Amjad.

‘It has been a real pleasure to work with Aragon on a couple of projects – his creativity and reactivity were exactly what an agency is looking for. He also has an International mindset which allows him to fit in discussion & projects with multicultural clients. Another add-value! Keep up the good work Aragon.’   —Philippe Mesnildrey, CEO & Founder from Hatch And C 

‘Gon is a great person; his talent is second only to his diligence. He is very passionate about the arts in general, and about visual media in particular: if you’re looking for a talented photographer/director/editor to get the job done fast and well, he’s the one you’re looking for. ‘ —Said by one best friend, Saman Sadeghi Afgeh.

‘Aragon and I have cross creative paths several times in Shanghai. I really like his photography and video making. I am very happy that he is part our universe creating beautiful images for CeliaB! ‘ —Said by Celia Bernado, Founder and Chef Designer from CeliaB

‘Arry is both talented and passionate about his art in equal measure. He’s produced some amazing stuff that really made me smile. Lovely guy and a vicious dancer!’   —Said by a friend, Coman.

‘Aragon is a very serious and committed guy. Working with him I could see that his skills are higher than usual and he’s very accurate in his work.It’s also cool to work with him, we have very funny moments.Top!’ —Said by Elia Gardella, Founder & Senior Motion Designer from Horsechicken Factory.